What is StoreBud?

StoreBud is a software platform that enables you to launch your own ecommerce website. This website is your own independent online store that you can use to sell your products. StoreBud is not a marketplace and we do not sell products on commission basis. You can compare StoreBud with Shopify and Wordpress. Do check out our comparison with Shopify and wordpress.

Is StoreBud free?

Yes, StoreBud is free for the first month.

What documents do I need to submit to start using StoreBud?

You do not need to submit any documents. However, you will need to submit a valid email address and a valid phone number to start using StoreBud.

How much does StoreBud cost per month?

We charge Rs 499/- per month. See our pricing for more details.

How to connect Instagram with StoreBud?

Once your sign up is complete, you can simply login and click on the "Connect Instagram" button and you will be able to connect Instagram easily.

Is it mandatory to connect Instagram with StoreBud?

No, you can create your online store without connecting your Instagram business page. You can manually create products by uploading images and entering the details. However, connecting Instagram with StoreBud helps you speed up the entire prcess of creating your online store because you already have the best photos of your products on Instagram and you can re-use them.

Will you help us sell our products?

No, we will help you launch your website and will make sure your website is working correctly from the backend and your customers have a great experience purchasing your products.

Are you a marketplace?

No, we are a software platform that can help you launch your own independent website.

What are the benefits of launching website with StoreBud?

  1. Having a website will index your product on Google. This will increase your reach and sales. As of now you get orders only from Instagram DM, then you will get orders from entire India.
  2. Having a website will build trust with the customers. They won't hesitate before making prepaid payments as is the case with Instagram shopping.
  3. When the number of orders increases, it will be difficult for you to take orders from Instagram and track the status of shipped/unshipped orders. Daily revenue earned etc.
  4. You will save your time because you will not have to keep on answering repeated queries on Instagram like : Price, material etc.
  5. Payments are integrated, so you will not have to keep on sharing your UPI and then keep on reconciling the payments received.
  6. StoreBud is extremely simple to manage, no technical help is required, anyone can launch and manage their website.